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An unique place

To spend holidays in the gorges of the Ardèche is to go to a unique and protected place.

The campsite of the La Plage des Templiers is situated by the river Ardèche in the heart of the canyon. The campsite develops on the shaded slope or are implanted location of campsite'places and the installations.

The parking lot is situated on the top of the ground, in the wood of oaks near the tourist road of the Gorges of the Ardèche.

To connect the campsite, one cable railway in cable allows to go down luggage, and the campers make the descent towards the campsite on 400 meters by a small pedestrian path.

Therefore, the center is exclusively reserved for the campsite and it is inaccessible in caravans and campers


summer 2019

Booking is open
By mail, or on the website



CREPUSCULAR HIKES 18h30 to 22h (Maladrerie of the Knights Templar):
July: 07/12, 07/26
August: 08/09
Twilight hike in the Nature Reserve with a naturalist guide to the Maladrerie des Templiers. During this short hike you will discover the fauna and flora of different natural environments: the banks of the Ardèche, the cliff, the forest of green oak. At this quiet hour of dusk we may have the chance to observe a beaver, a heron, a boar or an otter ..
Visit of the Maladrerie des Templiers

FAMILY ANIMATION 9h30 to 12h: to discover the traces of animals:
July: 07/15; 07/29
August: 08/12
- workshop of 2h30 with search of traces, moldings in impression plaster, search of indices, poop, plum, hair ... (20 people maximum child from 8 years)

HIKER TRAPPER 18h30 to 22h:
July: 07/19
August: 08/02; 08/16
Easy hike around the site in search of wildlife trails. Just like the trappers of Chauvet Growers, you will learn how to recognize edible plants and read the presence signs of wild animals.

Equipment to be provided by participants for all walks: good walking shoes, backpack with water (at least 1l per person), picnic, flashlight. If you have binoculars or works of naturalistic determination: take it.

The animators are graduates as a certificate of State accompanying in Middle Mountain.



If you wish to spend holidays in the campsite of La plage des Templiers, it is with pleasure that we shall receive you from MAY 25th of 2019.

While waiting for to receive you under the sun of Ardèche.

The team of "La plage des Templiers"

Information !

A nature spot

The Naturist campsite of La Plage des Templiers is situated in an exceptional natural classified environment national nature reserve.

You will have the privilege to be the hosts of this magnificent place.

It is thus up to you to respect it by limiting at most the rubish.

Think of it in packing your luggage by deleting all the superfluous packagings, by using respectful products of the nature and the energy-efficient devices.

Respect the fauna and the flora.

Barbecue individual and fires are strictly forbidden. A collective barbecue is at your disposal.

The team of La Plage des Templiers recommends you to use composter so as to transform on the spot the organic waste.


Your luggage by the lift

During may and june the lift is open from 9AM till 11AM and from 2PM till 4PM, please phone half of an hour before arriving.

In july and august the lift will be open from 9AM till 2PM, and from 4PM to 6.30PM
For starting day, transport of luggages with lift is possible between 9AM and 2PM.

The cost is 16€ for a round trip(max charge:150kg).


Renting tents

To choose the rent it is to choose a good comfort:
- The renting tents have 2 rooms equipped with real beds
- All the tents have an electrique connection and a refrigerator
- A stove 2 fires with included gas
- Kitchenware and dishes(crockery)
- A table and garden chairs

Several models are proposed to you:
The LODGE Amazon, on a wood deck with roof in painting(cloth), perfectly integrated in the nature
The FRONT BEACH Mayotte ( picture) settled near the beach
The Mayotte ( picture) settled near the beach
The MUSCADE COLLINE, a comfortable tent, with double painting in rooms and closet

Change your habits, choose to rent and travel light and carefree!

These tents are lodge Amazone with wooden structure on a floor of 28M2. They consist of 2 rooms with beds, a living and kitchen and a covered semi terrace.
They are perfectly integrated into the natural environment of the campsite(ca and ally comfort and aesthetics.

Located near the beach, these new tents are perfectly integrated into the natural environment

These tents in metallic toilée structure of 16M2 consist of 2 rooms of a kitchen area and a stay and furnished. They are equipped with a stove of cooking and of a refrigerator top of 100 liters.

Theme stay

Ardeche canoeing

Canoeing down Ardeche river in 2 days
A special trip just for naturists people
Starting time Noon in Vallon Pont d'Arc: canoeing through the Pont d'Arc and in the nature reserve of the Ardeche Gorges 5 hours paddlingtime
The second day starting time 11AM
Meeting point in Saint Martin d'ardèche Plage de Sauze at 4PM for shuttle service to Vallon Pont d'arc

In july and august a shuttle service from the campsite to Vallon at 11AM on the sunday and thursday ( book at the frontdesk- minimum 12 people)

The Cathedrale rock is just hundred meters from the Templiers campsite...
Bring your hiking shoes !!


The Pont d'Arc

The wonderful Pont d'Arc is also the nikenamed the "natural gateway" of the Ardeche Gorges.
It's a natural bridge high of 35 meters and also a natural bridge formed from a meander cut through by the Ardeche...

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Templiers beach

Naturist campsite: a wild and unique landscape to recharge one's batteries in heart of Ardeche Gorges.
An extraordinary natural site!
A big stretch of water and small rapids, a magnificent beach on more than 800 meters with small creeks of fine sand.
La Plage des Templiers
Boucle de la Madeleine
Route des Gorges de l'Ardèche
07700 Saint Remèze

longitude: 4.29.57

Camping La Plage des Templiers - Tél : +33 (0)4 75 04 28 58 - Email : - route des gorges de l'Ardeche - 07150 Vallon Pont d'Arc

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